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More Evidence of the Link Between Profits and Bad Nursing Home Care

October 14, 2023
Author: Martin J. Solomon

For years, the for-profit nursing home industry has deliberately maintained lower staffing levels to maximize profits. We must adopt strong staffing standards to support nursing home residents and ensure Medicare and Medicaid funds are dedicated to their care. 

President Biden’s announced the implementation of a minimum staffing rule for nursing homes, in February 2022. The for-profit nursing home industry opposes the standard, claiming it could lead to a system collapse. However, current staffing data reveals that non-profit nursing homes staff on average 23% higher than for-profit homes. The data suggests that for-profit nursing homes deliberately understaff to allocate funds for other purposes, including profits.

Studies conducted by CMS reveal that non-profit nursing homes, on average, exceed the proposed staffing standard, providing 43 minutes more direct resident care per day than for-profit homes.

CMS proposes a minimum of 3 hours of direct care per day per resident (HPRD), and non-profit homes, on average, exceed this. The Consumer Voice suggests a higher standard of 4.2 HPRD, and thousands of homes, especially non-profit ones, already meet this level of care.

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