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Assisted Living Centers and Abuse

assisted living centers and abuse

Many vulnerable elderly people are injured each year in assisted living centers. At Solomon & Relihan, we hold these centers accountable for the injuries they case. For more than 40 years, we have been dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients. We continue this dedication with each and every case we handle. Call Now for a FREE Case Review & Analysis: (602) 336-6147

Assisted Living Centers and Abuse

Assisted living centers offer a moderate level of care because their residents generally are thought to be more independent and capable of caring for themselves than are residents in nursing homes. Assisted living facilities do not provide skilled nursing care and, although they may claim to provide constant supervision, they often leave residents unsupervised for extended periods of time. This can lead to significant injuries for residents.

Residents in assisted living centers typically are private pay, which means the facility receives more money from the resident than Medicare or Medicaid/AHCCCS/ALTCS would pay for the same services. This gives assisted living centers a substantial incentive to keep residents living at the facility. Sadly, this term of residency often continues after an elderly person’s condition has deteriorated to the point that he or she needs more serious care from a nursing home. If this type of practice has caused you and your family suffering, our lawyers know how to hold the assisted living center administration accountable. We have decades of experience in this area of the law.

Assisted Living Center Injuries

Injuries experienced by residents in assisted living centers can take many forms. From injuries that need attention, to injuries that place the life of a loved one in jeopardy, Solomon & Relihan has the resources and experience to take effective legal action:

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