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Martin Solomon on the Caring Caregiver Podcast

November 1, 2022
Author: Martin J. Solomon
Lovin’ Life After 50

Martin Solomon was a guest on the Caring Caregiver podcast, a hub for caregiver connection and community.

In this episode, alongside host Savina Makalena, Martin discusses the top potential signs of nursing home abuse and neglect and offers tips for caregivers to consider when moving a loved one into a nursing home. Some of these signs include: 

Listen to the full episode here. 

To hear more about these signs and Martin’s tips for caring for a loved one in a nursing home, listen to the full podcast episode and download our free guide:

Download the “Top 10 Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect” guide here.

To make an informed decision about your loved one’s care and learn more about nursing home facilities in your area, including any incidents at the facility, visit the AZ Nursing Home Compare tool here

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