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Consumer Voice Report Suggests Nursing Homes Misuse CMS Funds With Related Party Transactions

April 15, 2023
Author: Martin J. Solomon

The National Consumer Voice for Quality of Long-Term Care recently released a report scrutinizing the expense reporting practices of nursing homes that receive federal tax funds from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS.) Their investigation discovered that current processes to hold nursing homes accountable for their spending are flawed and have resulted in a system where there is little to no transparency or accountability.

Consumer Voice examined nursing homes’ yearly cost report data from 2018–2020 to see how funds were spent and if the expenditures they reported matched the funds they received from CMS. It appears that most nursing homes funnel expenses into related parties with little to no oversight, allowing owners and operators to essentially pay themselves and report profits as expenses.  

What Are Related Parties? 

Related parties are separate, single-purpose corporations created by nursing home owners and operators to meet the needs of running a nursing home while simultaneously protecting their own investments. For example, many nursing homeowners create property management companies to manage the buildings they already own, allowing them to charge rent to themselves rather than an outside party. They may also create companies that provide other services needed by a nursing home, such as housekeeping services, so they can keep the money they charge their own facility. 

Essentially, related parties allow nursing homes to use federal funds to pay for services or rent to other companies they already own, meaning the money never actually leaves their hands. This practice became widespread among nursing homes after an article published in 2003 in the Journal of Health Law suggested creating related parties to protect owner investments from civil judgment. 

Throughout their investigation, Consumer Voice discovered many errors in the way nursing homes have been reporting expenses to related parties and recognized that CMS could be doing more to discipline nursing homes that abuse this legal loophole. 

Main Report Discoveries

Here are the main discoveries of this Consumer Voice investigation:

4 Recommendations from Consumer Voice:

Consumer Voice is a strong advocate for quality care, transparency, and regulation. Their report also contained recommendations for CMS to improve its practices and reduce the misuse of federal funds through related party transactions. 

What Does This Mean for You and Your Loved One?

You should be able to trust the staff and operators of nursing homes to use federal funds to appropriately care for your loved one. However, this Consumer Voice report indicates that federal funds are routinely misused, directly affecting the care their residents receive. 

Reports like this are an important part step forward in the process of protecting vulnerable populations in nursing homes. Evidence of bad practices and procedures allows for resident advocates and their families to take action and exercise their right to demand transparency and better care. 

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