What should I expect during a nursing home lawsuit?

posted on March 24, 2022

On average, it can take anywhere from 18 to 24 months to resolve a nursing home abuse and neglect lawsuit. This can vary depending on the complexity of your claim and other factors.

While you’re preparing to file the lawsuit, you want to make sure you have the information needed to pursue legal action, as well as any documentation regarding a timeline of when your loved one arrived at the nursing home and when you believe the abuse began. This could include documents such as pictures of any injuries.

During the lawsuit

In order to reach a successful resolution, you need to show evidence of abuse or neglect. Some examples may include the development of bed sores, falls with injuries, or unexplained rapid decline.

Any documents you have may be helpful during settlement. Keep all records and bills associated with your loved one’s abuse in the facility in a safe place.

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