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Rand Corp: “Care Experiences Are Worse in For-Profit Hospices Than in Not-for-Profit Hospices”

March 10, 2023
Author: Martin J. Solomon
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Patients receiving care from for-profit hospices have worse experiences than those in not-for-profit hospices, according to a new study by the RAND Corporation. The study analyzed surveys completed by family caregivers of patients treated by over 3,100 hospices nationally and found that family members reported worse care experiences from for-profit hospices across all domains assessed.

Family caregivers of patients treated by for-profit hospices were nearly 5 percentage points less likely to recommend their hospice than those in not-for-profit hospices. The growth of for-profit hospices is particularly concerning, given their profit incentives, which have been shown to affect how they care for patients. The findings are published in the latest edition of the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

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